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Feels Right

Our members stories August 10, 2016

Buzz – Buzz – Buzz. The shower turns off and a rather slender blonde steps out of the shower. Her long hair clung to her body and water fell to the floor as she reached out to find a towel. Wrapping the towel around herself she answered the call, putting it on speaker.

“Lindsay?!” The voice from the phone called out. “What are you doing right now?”

“Just got out of the shower, why what’s up?” the blond questioned, wrapping her hair up in a bun so that she could dry off her body.

“Oh nothing, just wanted to come over and hang out for a bit before we head out for the movies.” The voice on the phone replied without hesitation.

“Yeah, of course! See you soon then Roxy.” Lindsay replied. Finally some what more dry than when she started, she opened the door to see her boyfriend still asleep. He looked so cute and peaceful, she smiled. She was so happy to be with him, but her heart sometimes wanted more. A few summers ago, before she met Jay, her and Roxy had somewhat of a thing. When she was with Roxy, she felt normal. She felt loved and she was happy. Not that Jay didn’t make her feel special and she couldn’t see a life with him, but Roxy was able to connect with her on a level that he couldn’t understand. Lindsay rummaged through the closet to find some of her clothes. Getting dressed, she heard Roxy pull up out front. She grabbed a brush and her towel, and headed down stairs to great Roxy.

The girl’s quickly got caught up while Lindsay finished drying her hair. They turned on some music and started to goof off like old times while Roxy made the two of them something to snack on.

“So when are we all meeting at the drive in? I still think it’s so awesome that they finally reopened one for the summer.” Roxy chucked while she popped a few whip cream covered strawberries in her mouth.

“Umm,” Lindsay sat there in a moment in deep through, trying to recall the time. “I’m not sure. Honestly Jay knows more about it than I do. Let me get some!” Lindsay opened her mouth and Roxy leaned in to feed her some fruit. “My gosh! That is so good!”

Looking over at her friend, Roxy noticed that there was whip cream on her chest. Lindsay looked down and spotted the mess herself. The two laughed for a minute and while Lindsay glanced around for a napkin clean up the mess, Roxy leaned over and licked it off her chest. Lindsay blushed. The one moment brought back so many feeling and memories that the two of them shared. Lindsay pulled back thinking that a little distance would kill the mood, but that only further enticed Roxy. She leaned in and kissed her.

“I have missed this, you, us.” Roxy confessed.

Lindsay looked at her longingly. “I have Jay now, it was just a phase, just a moment in time.”

“Lindsay, you can’t tell me that you don’t feel the same way. I have seen how you still look at me.” Roxy grabbed her face in the way that made her legs weak. Lindsay looked into her eyes and kissed her passionately. They fell back onto the couch their hands began to explore their bodies like they once did; fingertips tracing every curve. Lindsay could feel herself getting wetter with every kiss that was placed on her body. Roxy slipped off Lindsay’s shorts and started to kiss on the inside of her legs, making her way towards her sweet pussy. When she reached it, she licked slowly at first. Moving her lips around, she slipped her right fingers inside Lindsay’s moist vagina. Roxy wrapped her left arm around Lindsay’s leg, resting her head on her inner thigh. She continued to flick her clit with her tongue while she fingered her increasingly wet pussy. Every now and then, she would stop and rub her wet fingers over her clit. Roxy could feel her legs shake and hear her breathing getting deeper.

Light moans left Lindsay’s lips, signaling to Roxy that she could still make her girl cum. Little did the girls know that the light moans that Roxy heard, were actually loud enough to wake up Lindsay’s boyfriend up stairs. Jay followed the moans and found his girlfriend’s legs hanging over the couch. He was stunned at first, wondering when his busty babe turned into a lesbian. He watched the two of them for a few minutes, trying not to bring too much attention to himself. He was curious as to what Roxy could do that he couldn’t; she had never made those noises with him. However, watching only created an issue in his own pants.
The more he watched the two girls enjoy each other, the harder he got. Unzipping his pants was the only way to relieve his problem. Putting his rock hard dick in the palm of his hand, he moved in the same pattern that Roxy was. He could almost feel her tight wet cunt wrapped around his throbbing cock. He could feel his heart racing as he started to drip on his hand. Lindsay looked over and noticed that he was standing there jerking off. She sat up quickly not sure what to say. Jay slowed down on touching himself, and stood there. Roxy walked over to him, wiping his girlfriend’s cum from her lips. She reached up and kissed him, pulling over him over the couch to join in on their charades. Not thinking twice, Jay followed. Roxy climbed on the back of couch and he bent his girlfriend over making sure that her face laid in between Roxy’s legs. While Lindsay returned the favor, he slammed himself deep inside of her, switching from her dripping cherry to juicy ass. The three of them continued their actions until they were surrounded by the smell of sex, pussy, and cum. Underneath the girls sat small wet puddles.

“That was….” Jay started.

“Incredible….” Roxy followed.

“Felt Right.” Lindsay exclaimed.  

“We need to get going, it’s almost time to meet up with the rest of the crew.” Jay said, looking around for something to wipe up the wet mess on his cock.

“It wouldn’t hurt to be late, maybe round two in the shower?” Lindsay asked while she climbed over the couch. The other two followed right behind her smacking her ass on the way up the stairs.

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