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Cindy’s story: “Rape me, please!”

Our members stories May 20, 2016

Cindy Rodgers was your typical, dedicated, stay­at­home mom and wife. She woke up early in the morning to get the kids ready for school while her husband, Jeff, took a shower. After getting a healthy breakfast on the table for her family, she would pack everyone’s lunches, supplying them with a well balanced meal and a cute note to encourage them throughout the day. She would start the coffee and place it on the table next to Jeff’s plate. While everyone ate she would start the daily chores, collecting dirty clothes, swapping laundry, and folding what was clean. Once the kids ate, she would usher them off to brush their teeth. Jeff left right after breakfast and headed to work. The children would leave for school shortly after. Cindy would then eat breakfast herself and take a shower to start to run errands. She had only 8 hours to finish all the running while the kids were gone or she would be late getting them to their activities and cooking dinner.

After checking her daily planner list, she realized that she had a lot to do today. Quickly making her way upstairs, Cindy put on music in the bedroom and began to take a minute to dance around and enjoy herself. She took off all of her clothes letting them drop to the ground and stood in front of the mirror looking at herself. She looked at how her figure had changed over the years, her stomach was not as tight as it use to be and as she turned around she noticed that her booty was not as round. Her breast although large in size, filling up a D cup, had started to hang lower than they did when she was in her early twenties. Cindy was still proud of her body, after 4 kids she was still what was considered a “MILF”, but with her sex life dwindling down to her just masterbating, she was starting to feel less than.

Stepping into the shower, she turned on the water and got it to just right and after cleaning herself up, she decided she would switch it up a bit. Cindy reached above her head and pulled down the shower head. She tested how long it was, and sure enough, it was long enough to go right between her legs. She adjusted the temperature a little so that it was hotter and put the head on pulsating. Using one hand to spread the lips of her of pussy, Cindy guided the head of the shower with the other. The longer the jets pulsed inside of her, the harder her nipples got. Taking a minute, she stepped out of the shower and grabbed one of her suction dildos from underneath her bed. Sticking it to the wall, she slowly started to push her ass against the cock. As the minutes went on as she allowed the thick dildo to explore her tight ass, she thought that she heard a noise come from down stairs. She called out, but when no one responded, she proceeded to slam her juicy wet ass against the shower wall. With every thrust, she felt weaker and couldn’t help but scream out with pleasure. Soon her own moans were louder than the radio.

While Cindy went to town on herself, gushing cum and getting dirtier than when she entered, the noise that she thought she heard was indeed something to be worried about. A man wearing a ski mask had come in through the backdoor with a large duffle bag. He could hear the shower running, but it didn’t seem to deter him in the slightest. As he found things around the house to dump inside the bag, he heard her screaming out “Fuck yeah. Fuck me! You dirty girl, take it!” Although he had enough to get away with, the growing problem in his pants prevented him from leaving. He started to walk up the stairs, following the naughty talk that echoed down the hall. Undoing his pants just enough for him to release his throbbing dick, he started to masterbate to the sounds of the unknown woman. With every wet hit of the wall he could hear, he moved his own hand in rhythm to match. His imagination had him going wild, and as she got louder she called out “I’m cumming!” he felt his own hand become wet. He too was starting to cum.

The shower turned off and he could hear the rustling of the shower curtain. The man’s heart raced. He decided that he was going to stay right there. As she walked out of the bathroom, she didn’t even notice the man pressed against the wall. He immediately rushed her from behind and pushed her into the bed. She screamed at first, it was more of a startled scream. When she was able to look behind her, she was two eyes and felt a fully erect, wet penis touching her leg. Before he could say don’t move, Cindy spoke.

“I want it, now. Rape me, please. I am so fucking horny and your throbbing juicy cock is just what I need. Fuck me until I can’t move.”

He was shocked at first, loosening up his grip, he could see the excitement in her eyes. He shoved her once more into the bed, and told her to shut up. To his surprise she liked it. He positioned himself to enter her wet cunt with as much force as he could. He pounded away and watched as the woman pushed back to allow him to really hit deep inside her. He flipped her over, and she grabbed her ankles. He look his hand and rubbed his clit faster and faster. He noticed how large her breasts were and he wanted to watch them bounce. He took ahold of his dick, and hit her pussy with it, teasing the busty babe.

“Ooooh.”” Cindy moaned. “I want it, stop teasing me, I want you to fuck my tight cunt! Fuck me until I squirt cum all over you!”

He followed her instructions and slammed his rock hard member inside her gushing peach. Grabbing her hips, he used them as handles to apply more force with each push. She started to play with her own breast hard. She was grabbing her breasts, pulling them, and pinching her nipples. After ten minutes, sure enough she starting squirting and the man felt a warm sensation all over his cock. She was cumming hard. It started to drip outside of her pussy and down her ass. Pulling out, he busted his load right on her belly. She took her fingers first touching her own wet pussy then putting them in the load that he left on her. She slipped them in her mouth and moaned.

“Taste so fucking good. You should come back again soon.”

The man was stunned that he was even allowed to do what he did, let alone she just offered him to come back. She walked into the bathroom and jumped in the shower. He watched in amazement as she acted like nothing was wrong. He zipped up his pants and darted down the stairs. Grabbing his bag, he left the house and hopped the fence. Cindy sat in the shower cleaning herself up once more, getting out she got dressed, and headed out the door to take care of her day. Her pussy still tingling with pleasure.

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