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Perfect Conditions

Our members stories August 25, 2016

Waiting for the red eye flight from Austin, TX to Columbus, OH to visit family for the holidays, the Jackson’s, Kyle and Tonya sat in the seating area of the airport listening for their flight to be called. Kyle, who had worked long hours right before heading to the airport drifted in and out of sleep, he was exhausted and the cold was making it impossible to want to stay awake. Tonya ventured around the terminal looking for coffee, hot chocolate, something to keep her warm and alert. There was a vending machine at the end of a hallway, she grabbed two coffees and made her way back to her sleeping boyfriend. Sitting down on the bench next to him, she bumped his arm to wake him up. “Here drink this, they should be calling us soon.” She said handing Kyle a small coffee. He shook his head to move […]

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Feels Right

Our members stories August 10, 2016

Buzz – Buzz – Buzz. The shower turns off and a rather slender blonde steps out of the shower. Her long hair clung to her body and water fell to the floor as she reached out to find a towel. Wrapping the towel around herself she answered the call, putting it on speaker. “Lindsay?!” The voice from the phone called out. “What are you doing right now?” “Just got out of the shower, why what’s up?” the blond questioned, wrapping her hair up in a bun so that she could dry off her body. “Oh nothing, just wanted to come over and hang out for a bit before we head out for the movies.” The voice on the phone replied without hesitation. “Yeah, of course! See you soon then Roxy.” Lindsay replied. Finally some what more dry than when she started, she opened the door to see her boyfriend still […]

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Almost Caught

Our members stories July 25, 2016

  “Tonight was such a perfect night, thank you for everything.” Kayla said as she reached out to grab her boyfriend’s hand. “What did you think of the movie?” She asked as the two of them filed out from the movie theater doors and towards the step that led down to the boardwalk. They began to chat away about the twists and the turns of the movie and what their favorite parts were. Reaching the bottom of the steps, they slowly strolled to side and sat on the wall looking out over the ocean water. “I can’t believe how many people showed up for this movie.” Kayla stated as she watched the never ending traffic of people all go their separate ways. “It was opening weekend baby, what did you expect?” Chad replied with a slight chuckle under his voice. She shot him a look which only made him laugh […]

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New Things

Our members stories July 10, 2016

For their one year anniversary, Mitch decided that he wanted to take his girlfriend Jessica out for a night on the town. The two of them had been together through thick and thin over the past year, and he was thrilled to have been by her side, he was going to ask her to move in with him. In honor of their anniversary, Mitch picked a new restaurant to eat at to signify a new year and a new beginning. About an hour before the date, Jessica called him to let him know that she was going to meet him there because she was running behind. He agreed and told her that he would see her soon. Arriving at the restaurant, he went inside to claim a table. Mitch followed the hostess to the a circle booth in the middle of the restaurant floor. A waiter come over to the […]

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SPA day

Our members stories June 29, 2016

Marylin was celebrating her 32nd birthday on a beautiful Wednesday morning. After being married for the past 8 years and playing the role of the ultimate stay-at-home wife, she was starting to feel like her life had grown stale. Her husband Michael woke up earlier than usual to prepare a full breakfast for his sleeping wife. As the alarm clock went off, Marylin streched out of bed to the amazing aroma coming from downstairs. When she entered the kitchen, her husband greeted her with a kiss and pushed in her seat as she sat down at the table. He had made her all of her favorites, omelet, toast, fresh orange juice, and fruit salad. She was truly feeling blessed. While she ate, he left brought in a card and sat down to the table himself. Opening the card, what appeared to be a gift card fell from the center. She […]

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It Hurt So Good

Our members stories June 9, 2016

The day I lost my virginity was incredible. I had been talking to this guy for a few months by this time, and our connection was incredible. It was our fifth actual date I think. We had went out on a moonlight picnic on the beach. It was a little chilly, but he held me close to keep me warm. Our date was cut short due to rain, so we decided to come back to his place. He grabs towels so that I could attempt to get dried off. When he got close to me, I could feel his heart race. He placed his hand on the back of my head, lacing his fingers inside my long brown hair. Pulling me close, he kissed me deeply. I wasn’t expecting such a powerful kiss as he wrapped his strong arms around me. Our tongues danced around each other as my hands […]

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April’s story: “Please Mr. Brown”

Our members stories June 1, 2016

April brings a lot of great experiences to young students. They are able to attend prom, finish enrollments into college, take their final tests, and enjoy the summer before college. For some students, this is an a great month of unwinding, for others, it is a month of stress and trying to make up for their lack of focus during the year. Samantha Kurtz was one of those students who wasted most of her senior year kicking back, believing that her stunning good looks would carry her. She was by no means dumb. She has earned a full ride scholarship to a high ranking school. With this full ride, Samantha felt like she no longer really needed to apply herself,  so her grade slipped slowly. The last few weeks of class, Mr. Brown began to go over the students grades that would appear on their final transcripts. When Mr. Brown […]

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Cindy’s story: “Rape me, please!”

Our members stories May 20, 2016

Cindy Rodgers was your typical, dedicated, stay­at­home mom and wife. She woke up early in the morning to get the kids ready for school while her husband, Jeff, took a shower. After getting a healthy breakfast on the table for her family, she would pack everyone’s lunches, supplying them with a well balanced meal and a cute note to encourage them throughout the day. She would start the coffee and place it on the table next to Jeff’s plate. While everyone ate she would start the daily chores, collecting dirty clothes, swapping laundry, and folding what was clean. Once the kids ate, she would usher them off to brush their teeth. Jeff left right after breakfast and headed to work. The children would leave for school shortly after. Cindy would then eat breakfast herself and take a shower to start to run errands. She had only 8 hours to finish […]

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