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April’s story: “Please Mr. Brown”

Our members stories June 1, 2016

April brings a lot of great experiences to young students. They are able to attend prom, finish enrollments into college, take their final tests, and enjoy the summer before college. For some students, this is an a great month of unwinding, for others, it is a month of stress and trying to make up for their lack of focus during the year. Samantha Kurtz was one of those students who wasted most of her senior year kicking back, believing that her stunning good looks would carry her. She was by no means dumb. She has earned a full ride scholarship to a high ranking school. With this full ride, Samantha felt like she no longer really needed to apply herself,  so her grade slipped slowly.

The last few weeks of class, Mr. Brown began to go over the students grades that would appear on their final transcripts. When Mr. Brown called Samantha up to his desk, she was baffled at what was shown on the screen. Her grade for the class was going to be a “D-”! This was going to kill her scholarship for college and her family would be furious! She felt her heart pounding. She went back and sat down in her chair. Samantha was nervous, she was sweating, she knew that she needed to do something.

When the bell rang, her classmates got out of their seats and began the chat away about the weekend and what they had planned. They all filed out of the door in a single chaotic line, Friday night and . Samantha was still sitting quietly in her seat. Mr. Brown looked up from his desk to see the gorgeous blond sitting in her chair. She was dazed and cross armed, her chest was poking up through her top. He loved it when she wore tank tops, her thick breasts looked so plum in them. Her staying behind after the bell rang though, was unusual for her.  He was curious as to why she had not left for the door.

“You okay there Samantha?” Mr. Brown asked her. There was a slight concern in his voice.

“Um, no Mr. Brown. I can’t lose that scholarship.” Samantha replied as she sloped out of the chair. “Uh, is there anything that I can do? Extra credit? Book Reports? Something? If I lose that scholarship, my mom is going to kill me Mr. Brown.” She said as she walked closer to the desk. She pulled up a chair and sat right next to his desk.

“I have tried to tell you Sammie. Why didn’t you listen? You even know my policy on extra credit.” Mr. Brown responded. Watching the poor girl realize that her world was coming down to one grade made him feel terrible for her. He had her in class every year and he knew that before this year, she was a great student. Always did what she needed to. He remember her coming in with her mom at student conferences and how into her education that they both were. Just then, Mr. Brown had gotten an idea.

“I’ll tell you what Sammie, if you can get me a date with your mom, I will give you the grade that you need.” Mr. Brown said. He remembered how thin her mother was, how her long curly locks came down across her chest. He remembered her bright blue eyes and ruby red lips. She was perfect.

“How am I supposed to do that? My mom has a boyfriend now?” Sammie asked kind of irritated that her grades are hanging in the balance because he wants to sleep with her mom. She walked towards the door and as she stood in the doorway she could hear Mr. Brown unzip his pants.

“How dedicated are you to raising your grades Sammie?” Mr. Brown’s hand went right into his pants and he pulled out his long snake. Sliding his hand up and down his long cock, he waits until she turns around. Her eyes open wide and her mouth drops a little bit. “Lock the door.” Sammie closed the door to the room, locking it behind her. She stood back for a second and took in the view. She looked at the growing cock in his hand. It was far bigger than anything that she had before. She wondered how it would feel inside of her. She wondered how much she could take inside of her mouth before choking.

Walking back over, she stopped in front of his chair. She bent down on her knees and stared up at Mr. Brown. He placed his hand on her head, getting a good handful of hair, and brought her head to his cock. Opening her mouth, she took it all. She pressed her tongue against the bottom of his shaft. She felt the bulge of the vein underneath his dick as she sucked hard. Within moments, she could taste something salty. He moaned under his breath. Mr. Brown was enjoying himself.

“You’re good at this Sammie, I wonder what else you are good at.”  He said to her as she worked her hand into the blow job. His dick was so wet from what she was doing, you could hear slippery wet noises. She hiked up her skirt revealing that she had no panties on. Mr. Brown studied her perfect little shaved peach. She had a small sun tattoo slightly above her slit on the right in the shape of a heart. ‘How cute’  he thought to himself. He reached his hand up and started to move his fingers around the lips of her pussy. She was moist and he could tell that touching her was getting her going. Her legs began to shake and she leaned in to kiss him. She had an off taste, but that didn’t matter. The longer they kissed, the wetter she got.

“I can’t believe how wet you are, why don’t you slide on over here.” Mr. Brown grabbed his cock and held it up right so that she could mount him. As she slid down on his thick dick, chills went up her spine. It was so thick, her nipples got hard. Mr. Brown yanked at her button up shirt to open the top of it, allowing her breasts to show. As she rode his cock in an up and down motion, he leaned back in his chair and used his thumb to rub her clit. She slammed harder down and began to play with her breasts.

“Mmmm, Mr. Brown, you’re so big. You feel so good.” Sammie whispered out of breath as she dropped down, taking more and more of him. Mr. Brown motioned her to get up and she followed suit. Standing up, she started to turn around like she was going to ride him from behind, however, when Mr. Brown slammed her on the desk, she knew what he wanted. She slid over the stuff on his desk to either side and grabbed her hair, pulling it to a point on her head, allowing her to cool off a little. He open up the cheeks of her ass and started to play with her pussy. He shoved his fingers inside her wet cunt and lathered the thick juices on her asshole. Slipping one finger inside her first, he waited to see what she was going to do. When her back curled, he could tell that she enjoyed it. He continued to add one finger until she was begging for him to fuck her.

“Oh, Mr. Brown, I want you so bad.” Sammie called out as he fingered her asshole with one hand and played with her cheeks with the other.

“Oh yeah Sammie? How bad, tell me how bad you need to feel my thick cock inside of you pounding that tight ass of yours.” He replied.

“I wanna feel your cock inside me. I wanna feel you cum in my ass. I wanna feel your balls slap my clit! Fuck me, fuck me please!” Sammie was shaking, her hands were pulling at her own hair. He grabbed the hair that she was playing with and yanked on it hard enough to pull her up.

“I will destroy you.” Mr. Brown whispered in her ear as he entered her from behind. She screamed out in pleasure. He wrapped his hands around her mouth to keep her quiet. Biting her neck, he felt her push back as she worked his throbbing member inside of her. After 5 minutes, he could feel himself reaching that point.

“I’m gunna cum! I’m gunna cum!” Sammie said muffled by his hand. Hearing how the young girl was getting off on him fucking her tight juicy ass, he worked faster.

“Mm you’re such a dirty little slut aren’t you? Down on your knees, I wanna cum on your face.” Mr. Brown demanded. Sammie dropped to her knees, rubbing her own dripping wet pussy. She readied herself to swallow his cum. He stoked himself twice  before it started squirting out. With each shot, it went all over Sammie’s face. She took her hands and wiped off the cum, putting her fingers inside her mouth.

“Here is your new grade.” Mr. Brown said as he wrote on a piece of paper. Sammie looked at the paper and it showed a “B”.

“Are you serious? I get a “B”?” Sammie was shocked.

“If you want an “A”, you need to see me after class every day for the rest of the year. You have 8 days of me fucking every hole of your body, multiple times, and cumming all over you. Next time, bring some extra clothes, I have some plans for us.” Mr. Brown responded. Sammie wiped her hands, and fixed her clothes.

“Fine. I will see you Monday.” She walked away towards her locker. Slightly pissed at the grade, but slightly grateful that she gets to come back to the biggest cock in school.

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